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Lifesize Replicas of World Records To Appear At DeerFest

Antlers By Klaus is excited to brings to the 2012 Deer Fest a display featuring rare antlers from across the continent!  Life sized replica mount of the Minnesota Monarch, the world’s largest wild non-typical sheds, and of the Knisely Buck, the world’s largest 4 x 4 framed whitetail!  Also featured are extraordinary sheds, including a 156” single shed from Canada, the newly found Vakoch Shed from Minnesota’s #1deer, and even the new world record archery moose taken by Canadian hunting celebrity, Real Langlois of ‘The Rackman” TV series.  Antlers By Klaus is the most famous antler replica studio in the world; offering more world, state and provincial record antlers than all others combined.  To view the hundreds of antlers available from Antlers by Klaus, visit them online — you’ll see how you can own your own legend.