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July 21st News

Browning Trail Camera Contest

Bring your trail camera photos to DeerFest for a chance to win Browning Trail Cameras and other great prizes.  Browning Trail Cameras will have a photo display board in the Rage Hall lobby for you to post pictures.  Write your name, address, phone number and email address on the back of your photo and post it to the Browning Trail Camera photo board.  Browning and DeerFest staff will review the photos at the end of each day and two lucky winners will receive Browning Trail camera packages.  Additional prizes will also be awarded for the photos we feel are the best / most unique.  Photos do become property of DeerFest and Browning.

Note:  Photos may be submitted from any brand of trail camera, pictures do not have to be taken by Browning Trail Cameras.

Bring Your Bows to DeerFest
3D and Pop-Up Archery Courses and Tournaments

Make sure to bring your bow to DeerFest to shoot in our many course and tournaments.  The Elite Archery Pop-Up course is open to all DF attendees.  You can shoot for fun, or enter our daily tournaments for great merchandise prizes and a chance to shoot against the DeerFest celebrities each day.  Tournament cost is $10.  $5 to shoot for fun.

Winnebago Archers 3D Tournament

Winnebago Archers and DeerFest have teamed up for a 3D tournament.  There will be 3 divisions, Open, Hunter and Luck of the Draw.  The Open and Hunter Division tournaments will have a 50% payback while there will be cash and merchandise prizes for the Luck of the Draw event.  For complete info please click here!

3D Target Course:  Just want to shoot for fun?  Winnebago Archers will also have a 3D course set up where you can just go shoot for fun, or use it as a warm up for one of the tournaments.

Master Exhibitor List and Seminar Schedule

The DeerFest Master Exhibitor list and Seminar Schedule are now live. Click here for the Seminar Schedule. Click here for the DeerFest Master Exhibitor list.